Aviator Game

In recent years instant online games have been growing more and more popular as their payoffs are handsome and the rules fairly simple. One of the most famous instant games is Aviator and there are quite a number of reasons for that. Testing your luck and nerves while watching an airplane that carries your hopes flying forward is definitely an exhilarating and very exciting way of spending your free time. This game also boasts great winning odds and super straightforward rules which constantly attract new players from India.

In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know to start playing Aviator at our Glassi Casino.

Quick Information

As one of the most famous instant games, Aviator is very popular among Indian fans of gambling. A huge number of people are conducting detailed research before diving into the gameplay of a game of their choice. For that reason, we prepared a simple but informative table that contains important information about Glassi Casino Aviator.

Minimum Bet0.1 USD or ~8.5 Rupee
Maximum Bet100 USD or ~8500 Rupee
Maximum win from the bet10 000 USD or ~850 000 Rupee
Sound, music, and animation control panelsAvailable
Demo modeAvailable
Free betsCan be used
Auto-play and auto-cash outAvailable

Pros and cons Aviator

There are a lot of different online games on our website and mobile app, so why should you pay attention to Aviator? There are a lot of reasons. In this section, we will go through all advantages and disadvantages that Glassi Casino Aviator has when compared to other instant games.

Advantages Disadvantages 
Low minimum betLow maximum bet
Big potential payoffs
You can place 2 bets at the same time
Overwhelmingly supported by the Indian community
Your winning percentage is highly dependent on your decisions
This game is completely legal in India

As you can see, even a disadvantage of the Aviator game can be seen as a good thing from some angles.

Features of Aviator

aviator features

There are a lot of things that can increase the level of player satisfaction. One of the many reasons Aviator is so popular with Indian users is that playing this game gives players, among other things, access to four unique features of the game such as:

  • Live Bets: When playing the Aviator game, all players can check the bets of others. This information is displayed on the bar on the left side of the screen. Apart from the amount of the bet placed by other players, you can also see the coefficients and winnings of the winners. Sometimes it’s worth looking at the decisions and results of others before making your own decision;
  • Live and Overal Statistics: With this feature, you can take a look at the greatest wins of other players, as well as your own’s, and check out statistics on players leading the leaderboard of a day, a month, or a year;
  • In-game Chat: There is nothing better than playing together with others. As Aviator is not a player vs player game, there is no need to worry about showing how excited or anxious you are. While chatting with others, you can make friends by exchanging jokes, and using emojis and GIFs. This also increases your overall immersion level which is always a pleasant thing;
  • Aviarace Tournaments: Sometimes we hold tournaments that are held among Glassi Casino Aviator players. You can join the battle and compete with other players for cash rewards, free bets, and other amazing prizes. If you are interested in competing with your luck then be ready and grub this opportunity.

RTP of Aviator

Glassi Casino Aviator is one of the best games on the market when it comes to potential payoffs. Its RTP (Return to Player) rate is a whopping 97 percent, which means that when you bet 1000 Rupees every day without much thought or care you will theoretically still retain about 29 000 Rupees by the end of the month. And that’s without developing strategies and controlling your greed! 

As we care about our Indian users, we think it’s worth mentioning that Glassi Casino Aviator has an auto-bet feature. With it, you can make AI automatically withdraw your bet. For example, you might want to play 100 rounds and withdraw each time multiplier grows to х2. You can also set some limiters for it like stopping after your balance reaches a certain sum or when your winning from a single bet reaches a particular level.

Game’s Theme

aviator theme

Glassi Casino Aviator is a simple instant game with a relaxing design and gameplay. As you might expect from the name the theme of the game is aviation. It has great relaxing music and a nice sound effect of the plane flying, which are very helpful when you want to immerse yourself in the game. While the plane is flying forward it carries the hope of the countless players and with each second passing, the stakes are going higher.

How to play Aviator

As was mentioned before, this game is very simple. Unlike most other slots, the GlassiCasino Aviator is an instant game that does not have symbols, reels, rows, or paylines therefore its rules are very simple. As a crash game, it has a unique feel to it. As we care a lot about transparency Aviator is entirely powered by a random number generator with all wins recorded so that all players can check out the fairness of all results. When you open a game, you see a simple window with a 2D red plane and 2 buttons for bets. You can set the desired amount for the bet yourself or choose one of the given options. When a round starts the plane will set off and begin its voyage. With each passing moment, the possible payout will increase and with it your winnings. But you have to be ready to withdraw as the plane can crush at any moment. As the result of the plane crash is decided before the game, the game won’t suddenly screw you up if you place a high bet and the chance of failure is set in stone. You are the one deciding when to stop playing with fate and grab your winnings. There is nothing much to gameplay so, if you want to try your luck just follow those 4 steps:


Open GlassiCasino Aviator by clicking on the instant games section on our official website.


If you want to play with real money, create an account and deposit the desired amount of funds via a preferred payment method. If you want to check things out before that, you can play Aviator in demo mode;


Place one or two bets by typing the sum. You can also choose from the existing variants;


When the multiplier reaches a satisfying level click on the “cash out” button.

Tips and strategies

One of the charming aspects of the Aviator is that a lot of things depend on the player. Sometimes it’s hard to control your greed when you are gambling with just a single goal of earning as much money as possible. But players always strive to perfect their approach toward the game of their choice. Aviator was created several years ago and therefore there are already some strategies that might increase your profits if used correctly. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • Make use of double bets. There are a lot of ways to go about playing Aviator, but we think that double betting is not only the best way to enrich your gaming experience, it also helps to win. With one bet you can settle for a low coefficient and with the second one you can try aiming for a huge win;
  • Consider using the auto-cash-out option. With the help of AI, you can stop yourself from rush decisions and aim for steady winnings. This will also allow you to check in-game chat, study the results and try and spot the strategies of the most successful players on the scoreboard;
  • Study other players’ tactics. No matter who you are, there is always someone who is better than you and there is nothing bad about that. Why? Because you can learn, imitate, and at some point surpass your opponent. Use live bets and statistics to your advantage and look for new gems of wisdom that are scattered across the internet.

Don’t forget that no matter what, Aviator is still a betting game, and therefore there is no water-proof strategy to win every single round.


The number of good words that could be said about our Aviator game is truly uncountable, and that’s proven by the number of positive reviews on the internet. But even then, you should be aware of the limitations of this great game, for example, as was stated before you can’t win more than 800 000 Rupees from one bet. Even if you place a 10 000 Rupees bet and cash out at a 10 000 multiplier, you will receive only the maximum allowed amount for a single bet.

Aviator on Mobile

How can there be a successful modern gambling game without a mobile version? The answer is simple – it’s impossible. With our official mobile app, you can enjoy countless different games of the casino and instant section. Aviator is, of course, one of them. Just imagine, earning some mouth-watering cash while waiting for your coffee or driving in a taxi. As long as you have an internet connection, you can play your favorite game from any place. You also don’t need to worry about any limitations that come with playing Aviator not on our site as our mobile app version of Aviator is completely the same. In some aspects, you might even find it more enjoyable.
If you want to start playing Glassi Casino Aviator on your mobile, you can download a game apk file from our official website.

Aviator Jackpot Winners

There are countless people out there that earned outrageous amounts of money even though they placed a 100 Rupee bet. Thanks to the mechanics of the Aviator, you can earn a lot with any starting amount. If you don’t believe us, you can just check the highest multipliers in a day or a month that players got and confirm it for yourself. The highest multiplier that someone got while playing Glassi Casino Aviator this year is x15687. Just imagine how exciting such a win is!

How the Aviator results are generated?

Aviator is an instant game based on cryptographic technology – Provably Fair. Every game that uses this technology is 100% fair as no third party can interfere in the game. The results are also not generated by our servers. Shocking, right? 

It’s actually generated by the game operator and the first 3 players of the round. The operator creates a server seed, while the client seed is generated on the side of each of the first 3 players.

When the round starts, the game merges the server seed with three players’ seed, then it’s transformed into SHA512 hash and finally into the game result. With this, you can be sure that every single round is devoid of trickery and is completely fair to everyone.


  • Can I play Aviator for free?

    Yes, you can. If you are not sure yet about betting your money on Aviator, you can play in demo mode.

  • How much can I earn in one round of the Glassi Casino Aviator?

    As the maximum win from a single bet is ~800 000 Rupees, you can earn up to ~1 600 000 Rupees per round by using double bets.

  • Is Aviator real or a fake game?

    Aviator was developed by a legit provider and is a completely transparent and fair betting game. If you doubt the result of a round you can click on a green shield in the “my bets” section to check how the results were generated.

  • What happens if I lose an internet connection before withdrawing my bet?

    Don’t worry, if you ever lose your internet connection your bet will be “cash out-ed” at the same moment and you will receive your winnings.

  • Is Glassi Casino Aviator legal in India?

    Yes, of course, it is. As we have a Curacao License, all games on our website and mobile app are completely legal and safe to play.