Popular Definitions

There are listed some definitions that are mostly used:

  1. A Client (bettor) is a person who makes a bet through an intermediary – the operator.
  2. Betting is a contract between the Client and the Operator about the fact that the losing party must fulfill obligations according to the rules defined by the Operator in the line.  
  3. The line is a quotient of events and possible outcomes offered by the Operator for betting.
  4. Betting is one of the ways to guarantee the Bettor’s obligations to the Operator. It is a cash deposit, which the Bettor makes to the cash desk of the Operator as a payment for participation in a bet, including prediction of an outcome.
  5. Outcome – is the result of the event on which the bet was made.
  6. Odds to win – is the Operator’s quotation on the outcome.

General Terms

You should take into account the terms that are pointed down below:

  1. The operator accepts bets placed on his website (hereinafter – events). The bets are accepted in accordance with the prescribed rules with which all participants shall be familiar and agree.
  2. The operator is entitled to supplement and correct the rules, regulations and methods of payment without notifying the participants about it. Bets made before the adjustment of the rules remain unchanged and the following are subject to the supplemented or changed rules. 
  3. Opening a deposit account, registration and betting are available only to persons over the age of 18. Customers are solely responsible for providing information on wins and losses to local authorities.
  4. It is assumed that the information provided by the client during registration is authentic; in case of presenting incorrect personal information the Operator does not bear any responsibility. The operator has the right to require the identification card to verify it.
  5. In cases of fraud the guilty person will be prosecuted.
  6. Account opening and depositing as well as disbursements are performed in accordance with the set rules.
  7. The client is responsible for keeping his personal information (password and account information) secret. The Operator guarantees non-disclosure of this information. Any operations confirmed with the login/playing account number and the password of the owner of the playing account are valid and official. The exception is the balance on the game account. If the Customer believes that the information in question has been lost, he may contact the Operator administrator and request the change of the current password.
  8. The Operator is not responsible for damages caused by the use of the site, as well as for the improper use of the content of the site, delays in its functioning, etc.
  9. The rules of the game types have priority over the general rules.
  10. All information about the current course of events is for information purposes only. We do not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies in the current scores or match times. 
  11. This website is operated by PMSPORT N.V. (reg. number 146906), registered at Schout Bij Nacht Doormanweg 40, Curacao. This service operates under license 1668/JAZ issued by Curaçao eGaming.

Types of bets

The operator offers the following types of bets:

  1. “Single” – a bet on a single event, the winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds of the event by the bet amount.
  2. “Multiple bet” – a bet on several events, which are not related to each other. The winning is equal to the sum of stake, multiplied by the product of the odds of all events, which are included in this bet. The bet wins in case all events are predicted correctly. The maximum bet ratio is 165000 INR. It is not allowed to include different outcomes of the same event.
  3. “System” is a combination of several bets for one amount. The winning is calculated as the sum of the winning parlay. The maximum bet ratio is 165000 INR.
  4. “Parlay” is a daily list of events. Bets are accepted with increased odds and special conditions.
  5. “Parlay+” allows you to increase “Parlay” odds, which increases the odds when playing with the maximum odds by reducing the number of events. Maximum bet amount – 4150

For all above mentioned bets the final odds are determined according to certain types of outcomes, postponed events or postponed events to another date. The postponement time is defined in the betting rules. In these events the odds for winning are “1”.

Operator Conditions Of Bets Acceptance 

This bookmaker is serious about the bets acceptance, these points are required to be read:

  1. Bets are accepted taking into account the line – the list of upcoming events. The line may be changed after any bet, the terms of bets made remain unchanged. Bets are accepted for the sum not exceeding the balance on the account.
  2. Within one day the amount of bets on any of the events shall not be higher than the maximum bet on the event for the line of the same day. Otherwise, the bet shall not be accepted.
  3. The bet may be accepted only before the event. The exception is live bets. 
  4. During the live events the changed information is informative, so the incorrect result is not a reason to cancel the bet.
  5. The date and time of the event start in the line is also exclusively informative. For the calculation of bets the actual time of the event start is used.
  6. If the client makes a mistake when preparing and publishing the betting line or if the computer program that defines the betting line fails, the Operator is entitled to declare the bet invalid.
  7. Once the client has placed a bet and verified it, it cannot be changed or cancelled.
  8. Technical mistakes in communication as well as loss of password are not a reason to change or cancel a bet if it has been registered on the server.
  9. One client is given only one game account. The exception is when the administrator of the Operator allows it. In this case the client has to contact the administrator in advance.
  10. The client cannot give permission to anyone else to use his game account.
  11. The Operator has the right to:
  12. apply restrictions and refuse to accept bets from any person without giving reasons and prior written notice.
  13. To cancel all bets, refund the deposit and close the gaming account in case of suspicion of fraud.
  14. Closing the gaming account at the customer’s request without the possibility of its restoration.

Such decisions are made based on the applicable rules, taking into account the betting history of the client and the circumstances of the particular situation.

Special Terms and Conditions

In case the event for any reason did not take place on the appointed day, or was postponed more than 36 hours from the start time, bets are calculated on the single coefficient. If the event is interrupted and not completed within 12 hours from the time it started, all bets that were determined at the time of interruption will be settled on those results and bets on outcomes with undetermined results will be settled at odd 1. In case of change or annulment of result, the result in bets remains the original one.

The client undertakes to check his list of bets to make sure it is filled in according to the rules. The operator reserves the right to return bets and cancel the bet.

If the client has a negative balance, the gaming account is blocked until the debt is paid. 

Complaints shall be accepted in the form of an electronic application (to [email protected]) within 10 days after registration of the event result. After 10 days, complaints are not accepted. In case of disputable situations without any precedent, the Operator makes the final decision.

Financial Limitations

Check the following financial limitations of this Operator:

  1. The minimum bet amount for wagering is the equivalent of 1 INR.
  2. The minimum bet amount in systems is 1/3 of the minimum bet amount on the given event.
  3. Maximum odds in parlays is 165000. If the odd is more than 165000, the winning will be counted as if the odd was exactly 165000.
  4. Maximum bet amount for different events depends on the event and wagering form.
  5. Maximum payout for one bet is equivalent to INR 83000000.

Rules for Opening a Playing Account and Depositing Funds

To open a game account you need:

  1. to register on the server.
  2. to make a deposit on the game account you can do it through a betting shop, bank transfer or electronic payment method.

All transactions are made in the currency selected during registration. Replenishment of the game account takes about 30 minutes if you make a deposit through a betting shop or by means of electronic payment methods. Transaction time of crediting funds to the gaming account and commission may vary. If the Customer makes “empty” and inexpedient transactions on depositing to the game account the Company has a right to establish individual commissions for the future financial operations of the Customer, but no more than 5% +33 INR (equivalent in the currency of the game account) per transaction. To deposit the account through Visa, MasterCard, SafeCharge or ECommPay, the personal data of the bank card and the game account should coincide.

All expenses related to funds transfer are paid by the client. It is recommended to keep the payment receipt for a while. If the game account was not deposited within the specified term through the fault of third parties, the responsibility is also borne by the Customer.

Rules of Winnings Payout and Withdrawal

Winnings are credited immediately after the announcement of the results on the official sites.

You may send a request for withdrawal of funds not exceeding your balance. The payment is made in the currency specified at registration.

Withdrawal of funds is carried out: 

  • In the departments of “GLASSI CASINO” Operator on the next day after the request for withdrawal or on the same day if the request was sent before 09:00 a.m. Withdrawal is carried out upon presentation of a document proving your identity.
  • Bank wire transfer. Within 1-3 days after your withdrawal request has been sent.
  • Transfer via electronic payment system, within one day after sending a withdrawal request.

You should remember that all expenses for withdrawal will be covered by the recipient and deducted from the transferred amount, except when WebMoney payment system is used for withdrawal.

The Client has the right to withdraw the funds from the account not earlier than 24 hours from the moment of the first deposit. In order to withdraw funds from the game account the Client must use for betting not less than seventy (70) percent of the amount of the deposit made by the Client at the moment of sending the withdrawal request to the Operator.

Inactive Accounts

An inactive (“dormant”) account is a Glassi Casino gaming account which has not registered any successful deposit, event or online betting or withdrawal for over a year (12 months). Maintenance of your account is free as long as you actively use your account.

If your account is deemed “dormant”, an administrative maintenance fee is charged. It is charged monthly, 30 days after the first notification about the inactive status of the account.

Bcmaker will notify the Client of the inactive status of the account and the first service charge.

The owner can “reactivate” their Glassi casino account by making:

  1. a successful deposit. 
  2. a bet on an event or online game. 
  3. a withdrawal at any time.

Glassi casino reserves the right to close an inactive account (terminate its service and access to the account once the account balance drops to zero.

Upsides of Using Bookmaker

As you can see from our review, this bookmaker has only positive aspects that will help Indian players to earn money by playing in a casino or betting on sports. Here you will find a quick and easy registration process, making money transactions with a large selection of payment systems, the ability to choose the displayed currency and language on the site, and much more.

It is also worth noting that the bookmaker shows some of the most developed sports betting and casino games among competitors in India. Every day you have access to more than 20 different sports, each of which you will find 500 matches or more. These matches consist not only of major tournaments, but also of amateur confrontations and regional matches, which will allow everyone to find those teams in which they will be confident and thereby increase their chances of winning. If we talk about casino games, then everything is still on top. A wide variety of card games and slot machines are available. All games are licensed and have excellent sound and light accompaniment, which allows players not only to win big jackpots, but also to enjoy the game process.

In addition, the bookmaker has developed a high-tech application for smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems. The app is open source and completely free. It is also worth saying that the application does not have high system requirements and does not take up much space on the phone, which will allow it to work perfectly on even old smartphones.

Support Service

When contacting the support service, the Customer shall be obliged to communicate respectfully with the Operator and other employees. The rules of the bookmaker also state that the Client may not use obscene language, insults, threaten the Operator or humiliate his dignity. In case of violation of the rules, the Operator warns of obscene behavior and has the right to further temporarily suspend the Client’s rights to contact the support service for a period from 1 day to 3 months.