Space XY Game

There are a lot of interesting and unique games on our website’s instant games section and one of the most popular among them is Space XY. It’s a very simple but still entertaining crush game in which you are placing your bets and hope on a rocket flying higher and higher in space. If you can cash out before the rocket crashes you can get a great payoff, but if you linger on the flying spacecraft for too long your bets will disappear with a splendid explosion. Space XY is very popular among players in India because every moment of the match is filled with tension and excitement. 

In this article, we will go through all the important aspects of this game so you can also join in the fun of excavating riches from space.

Quick Information

Before we begin, it won’t hurt to take a look at some basic information about Space XY.

Creators of the gameBGaming
Number of bets, that can be placed simultaneously2
Auto-play and auto cash outAvailable
Demo modeAvailable
Maximum possible winx10 000 of the bet

Pros and cons Space XY

Even though a lot of different games exist on our website, Space XY can be said to be one of the most popular among new and veteran players in India and even the world. Here is why:

Advantages Disadvantages
Minimalist and intuitive designNo special bonuses
2 separate bets to play with during a matchCan’t disable an animation
Huge possible wins of up to 10 000 of your betsLimit on the bet amount
Low minimal bets
High RTP
Demo mode for testing things out

As you can see, there are no major disadvantages to this game. Thanks to that, the fanbase of the rocket game is constantly growing not only in India but also in the whole world.

Benefits of Space XY

When playing Space XY you can’t help but get immersed in the process. There are quite a few reasons for that, such as:

  • Simple but entertaining gameplay allows players to relax while still getting exciting pay-offs;
  • Excellent musical accompaniment, which allows players to relax even while closely watching the growth of coefficients;
  • You can cash out your bet at any moment of the game. In other words, you can focus on small wins in the form of x1.10, or try your luck in pursuit of big multipliers;
  • The game is based on a certified random number generator, which ensures the honesty and integrity of each round;

We all know that there is nothing more exciting than a prospect of an unrestricted number of wins. If you trust your sixth sense Space XY might be the best game for you.

RTP Space XY

The overall theoretical Return to Player (RTP) of the SPACE XY is 97%. This percentage is affected by the decisions of the player, which can be counted as another reason why this game is so popular.


space xy theme

Space XY is a minimalistic game with a main theme of space. When opening the game you are greeted by the logo of BGaming, and after that, you see a black graph with two coordinate axes: X and У. The horizontal X-axis represents the time that the current round lasts, while Y-axis represents the evergrowing multiplier of your bet. At the left corner of the graph is a 2D model of the rocket that will start its journey as soon as the round begins. The game process is accompanied by a relaxing melody and the sound of a flying rocket.

How to play Space XY

As a member of the “crash game” family Space XY doesn’t have any complicated game mechanics. All you have to do is place one or two bets and decide at which moment to withdraw from a round. Watching as multipliers grow while filled with anticipation is one of a kind experience. However, be aware that a rocket can explode at any moment, and when it’s gone, all your bets are gone with it. There is nothing hard about playing Space XY. All you have to do is follow the steps:


Create an account on our official website;


Open an ‘instant games’ section;


Use the search bar on the right corner of your device to find Space XY and click on it;


If you want to check things out before playing with your real funds, click on ‘Demo mode’. Otherwise, click on the ‘Play’ button;


Choose the size of your bet and place it. If you want, you can place 2 bets at the same time;


Click ‘cashout’ when you want to get your winnings.

Tips and Strategies

The Space XY game is at its core a game of luck as you don’t control the rocket and can’t really predict its fate. Nevertheless, there are some strategies and tips to put in place to make the most profit possible.

One of the most useful pieces of advice you can find is to make the best use of 2 bets. There are a lot of strategies that are built around this feature. For example, once the first bet is doubled, you can cash it out to make up the total bet and then hold the second bet a little longer to make money. This way, even if you lose the second bet you will not lose money, as your first bet was already cash-outed.

Another way to earn some funds is to bet big and cash out at low multipliers. If you add a double bet to this, you can place 2 bets of different sizes, quickly cash out a bigger one and try to earn some more by using the smaller bet.
However, no matter what strategy you use, Space XY is a gambling game. There is no strategy that will make you only win and never lose.

Features of the Game

space xy features

Space XY is a very minimalistic game about a rocket flying through space. As the game was made to be as straightforward as possible there are no symbols or special games in it. This allows everyone to enjoy the game process without any need to memorize different symbols and conditions for special games.

However, there are still some features that demand your attention:

  • History of coefficients. When playing Space XY you can see a string of different numbers like 14.5x, 1.7x, etc. Those are multipliers that the rocket reached in the previous round.
  • Auto-bet function. If you don’t want to bother clicking on “place bet” twice every time the round is concluded, this option will come in handy.
  • Auto cash out function. If you are afraid of miss-clicking or just want to enjoy the process without doing anything, you can also make use of the auto cash out option. Click on “– – –” and choose a multiplier. When the spacecraft reaches it, you will AI will automatically cash out your bet.
  • Simultaneous bets. While playing Space XY you can place 2 bets. Thanks to this option you can implement quite a bit of different strategies as they are connected to the same rocket, but separated from each other. That means that you can cash out one bet and aim for better coefficients with another.


The only negative thing that comes to mind when thinking about Space XY is the limit on the bets. The highest bet you can place while playing this game is approximately 8500 Rupees or 100 USD. At the same time, if you want to, you can bet twice this amount thanks to the existence of double bets.

Space XY on Mobile

There is nothing more exciting than playing your favorite game from anywhere in the world. If you become one of hundreds of thousands of people who fell in love with Space XY and want to escape from PC-only gaming, we prepared everything you need. While having a modern and elegant design, our mobile version of the website stays true to its foundations and still maintains a simple and user-friendly interface. When playing Space XY on your mobile device you have the same options as on pc, so there is absolutely no reason to hesitate if you want to play this game on the move or just away from your PC.

Space XY Jackpot Winners

There are hundreds of thousands of players that seek excitement and earnings while playing instant games. If you take your time searching on the internet you will be astonished by the number of people that got incredible jackpots while playing the Space XY game on our or other bookmaker websites. 

As we mentioned before, the maximum payoff of this game is x10 000 of the bet which speaks for itself.


  • Can I play this game using a mobile device?

    Yes, of course! The BGaming provider has optimized the Space XY slot for all handheld devices and platforms so you can easily play it via iOS and Android systems.

  • Can I play Space XY for free?

    Yes, you can. If you want to play this awesome game without risking your money you can simply choose demo mode which is available even without a registered account.

  • Is there a free spins mode in Space XY?

    No, this crash game does not provide any known classic bonus features.

  • Is Space XY legal in India?

    As we have a Curaçao license, all games on our website are completely legal and safe to play.

  • How old do I have to be to play Space XY?

    If you want to bet with real money, you will, first of all, have to create an account on our website. To do this, you have to be at least 18 years old.